Configuring your online store

This section is mainly used for the first getting started .

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Editing a field

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Webshop - Editer le champ
Webshop - Edition et mise à jour

General information of online shop

Complete the various fields below
Webshop - Configure

The various fields above are required for the proper functioning of the shop, some appear on the pdf invoices and delivery notes pdf.
See example : FPDF invoice et PDF delivery

Minimum number of characters for EEC VAT (Europe only)
Minimum number of characters N ° VAT when the customer opens an account

Check No VAT
Allow false

Count categories
Whether or not the number of products in categories (visible in boxing Categories catalog.

Name, address, country and phone the shop (business company) :
To properly complete this field because it will be displayed when a customer pays by check.

Tax Decimal
always 0

Show prices including all taxes, VAT or both
Note: If when inserting or editing a product no tax class is defined, nothing is displayed after the price.
Show All Taxes Included = true
Show Prices Excluding Taxes = false
Show prices Excluding All Taxes and Fees Included = both

Customer details
Section on the form for opening accounts for clients
Webshop - Configure

false: the field is not displayed
true: the field is displayed and compulsory

For fields Company and additional address field displays true but they are not mandatory.
Activation code for registration:
When opening an account requires the customer to confirm their registration by email.

Minimum values

Section on the opening form of accounts receivable and various other functions.

Webshop - Configure

Above: Minimum number of characters in each field when ouvertrure an account by a customer

Webshop - Configure

Text of review :
Only if the menu is activated, see:Affichage des menus.
Minimum number of characters to write the client when making a comment about a product.

Display Block Bestsellers:

Only if the menu is activated, see:Affichage des menus
Minimum number of products displayed in the block Bestsellers, under this value this box is not displayed.

Display Block Also Bought:
This block is displayed under the Buy button lorsq'un client displays the details of a product.
Minimum number of products displayed in the block "Also Bought", below this value the block will not be displayed.

Maximum values

Same as minimum values

Settings for displaying images

E-shop - Configure

Note: If you put a value on width and height images are displayed with these values, so they will certainly distorted, for keep the proportions leave the field empty width or height. Only fields tuck will be forced.

Small image width :
Width of images (product, article) displayed.

Image header:
example : Online shop - Header Image

Image sub-catégory: For a category included in a parent category

Auto calculation of image size
If 'true' images are resized according to the values defined above.
If the' false' images are displayed with their actual size.

Image nonexistent
If 'false' nonexistent images are not displayed (the little red X in IE).
If 'true' nonexistent images are displayed (instead of the image was a little red X in IE).

Shipping / Packaging

online store - Shipping - Packaging

Tare weight of container
The value will be added to the weight of the product when ordering.

If "Tare weight of container" is greater than or equal to the net weight of product * Big package/100
Total weight = net weight of product + (net weight of product*Big package/100)

Product list

E-shop - Configure

The "value" corresponds to the horizontal display of the item (if = 0 implies not displayed)

Examples for displaying the image in the list of products

Value = 0, the product image is not displayed in the list
E-shop - Configure

Value = 1
E-shop - Configure

Value = 5
E-shop - Configure

Display the quantity
Displays the quantity stock products

Display filter Category / Manufacturer
Value = 0, the filter is not displayed in the list
Value = 1, the filter is displayed in the list
Note: Even if this value is 1 it takes at least two products in the list so that the filter is displayed.
E-Store - Configure
Position of the navigation bar
Value = 1, the line is displayed above the list
Value = 2, the line is displayed below the list
Value = 3, the line is displayed below and above the list

Display example, can navigate between different pages in this category:
Displaying 1 to 24 (of 32 products) Result Pages :    1 2 [Next>>]

List of products expected

E-Store - Configure

Determines the manner and the sort of products awaiting approval so that this information is displayed in a catalog must Date de disponibilité has been harvested for the product.

Example display

Displaying products expected on the home page
E-Store - Configure

and display in red in the file "product details"
E-Store - Configure

Tabeau summary of the products expected
- Admin Category: Report -
Products Expected Liste de produits en attente
Online Store - Configure

Configuration options of the stock

Online Store - Configure

Checking Stock
true: displays a message if the quantity requested by the customer exceeds available stock.
false: no message.
eg with true:
Online Store - Configure

Counting stock
true: the stock quantity of the product is handled.
false: no stock management.

Authorization purchase out of stock
true: customers can order products that are out of stock .
false: customers can not order products that are out of stock.

Displaying products out of stock
Text to be displayed in the cart next to the product *** .

Stock Alert Level
The product will be displayed highlighted when its stock is less than or equal to the value defined in Section Reports --> menu Gestion du stock
Online Store - Configure

PDF Invoice

Commerce Facture PDF

Online Store - Configure

Access to PDF invoices
For aministration Shop: Category Customers --> Order
For customers: Menu "My Account " in the catalog
Online Shop - Configure

Example PDF Invoice Facture PDF


Your logo (or none -> fields blank): If it is, a logo will be displayed at the top right of page

Font: text used for the invoice

Forcing the download?:
true: Force the download of your order
false: the bill is opened with the software that the customer has on his computer (eg Adobe Reader) , He visualizes his bill and can also save it on your PC if desired.

Correction factor Logo image
Default: 0.25 - Make tests to correctly display your logo in the bills.

View the bill only if the status is : Delivered? ( default = true)
true: the invoice is available to the client only if the status is "delivered"
false: the invoice is available when the customer have ordered.

Invoice Date ( Default = order)
today: displays the date the invoice is displayed .
order: ontinuously displays the order date.


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