Description, display and positioning of boxes
(menu of left and right columns)

Menu (boxes) Descriptions

Display and positioning of boxes

Selecting the direction of scroll images
(boxes News and promotions)

Display and positioning of boxes in the e-store

This section displays the desired boxes and position them in the left or right columns.

Validation (Display) menu

Click on the lights

Seeing green highlighted:
Boxing is displayed.

Seeing red highlighted:
Boxing is not displayed.

Positioning of boxes
in the right or left columns

Click the arrows right or left.


Positionnement des menus

Scroll images in the boxes and News Promotions

Select Fixed random to select an image at random for each page.
If you want the images to scroll the selected direction of movement.

Description des menus



Menu  - Shop by price

Shop by price

Allows visitors to view products by price.

Menu - Manufacturers


Allows visitors to view products by manufacturer.
View: Comment insérer les fabricants

Menu - Specials promotions


For this menu is visible (even if the green is highlighted), it is necessary that a product has been promotions. .
View: Mettre des produits en promotion.

All promotions
More promotion

Boxe What's news
Menu nouveautés

Affichage des nouveaux produits au hasard.

All Products news
More News

 Meniu Best Sellers


Most sold products

Search Engine

Quick Find
Search Engine

Allows visitors to quickly find products.

Terms of Sales


Terms of Sales
Contact (email form)

Online Store - Login


Log on, enables customers to access various services of the shop.
View / print / save their invoices (in PDF)

View or change their account information.

Shopping Cart

Products added to cart


Vous permet d'accéder et de participer aux enchères pour les produits qui sont vendus aux enchères.

Voir: comment mettre des produits aux enchères

Online store - Order History

Order histoy

This menu is visible only when the client is logged on and has already completed one or more orders.

Online store - Manufacturer Info

Boxe manufacturer info
menu Information fabricant

Visible seulement lorsque un fabricant a été défini pour le produit visualisé.
Voir: Comment insérer les fabricants

Online store - Notifications


This menu is only visible when
These 4 conditions are met.

1 - The client has requested notification for the product they just bought at the final stage of his command.

2 - In the menu "My account" the client does not validate the checkbox:
"Global Product Notifications.

3 - The customer has logged on.

4 - The client visualizes the product concerned.

Online store - Rewiews


This menu allows visitors to post comments (after opening an account).

E-shop - Send a message

Tell a friend

To send a message

Note: it is better not to see this menu.

E-shop - Languages


See: menu location -> Languages

E-Store - Currencies


Display prices in the selected currency.

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