Data Feed Export
Url d'export de votre catalogue pour les comparateurs de prix

Export menu guides

1 - Configuration
2 - url's update

The price comparison and shopping guides are sites which compare prices for a product, these platforms are used by many buyers on the web.



1 - Set default values assigned to products
Price comparison export

2 - Define the products to be exported to the shopping guides

Selected categories By default, all products are selected
(products whose stock is 0 is not exported)
shopping guides export

Delivery Rate , Delivery time , Warranty

Values specific to an article
Buying Guides - Specific values
It is possible to assign
specific values for each product
vert The product will be exported
Rouge The product will not be exported
Click on the lights to change the status t

Infos article - Boutique en ligne - Information about the selected item
Compare prices - Product information

Create / Update URL's

List price comparison

Price comparison
Export formats available

General guides
   LE Guide

Thematic guides
   Jardinalis - Guide to purchase plants and garden products.

Creating export files catalog

Button " Format selected":
Create / update the url and compare prices of selected

Button "All formats":
Create / update url's of all the price comparison available

L'exportation d'URL en fonction des guides d'achat

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