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Clone backup servers

For hosting business, Our servers are cloned
More than a mere backup ,for each production server, a clone server is ready to be connected to the Internet network with the web sites and the data Mysql of the production server.

Schema - Rescue clone server

MySQL Databases Copy data from production server to server clone every 5 minutes
The MySQL databases are a sensitive issue for people who use the Internet to their profession , they mainly contienent important data that can be modified at any time by visitors, eg for E-commerce site when a user opens an account, makes a purchase, which is MySQL stock data, contact customers, orders, invoices ...

Websites (web pages) Copy of website production server to server clone every 06H00
These data are less sensitive because the data are modified by site managers, this may be the design, text or structure of a site.

In brief
Whatever the reason for stopping the server in production (if unable to restart it quickly), the line will be switched on the server clone.

Data center - more info
Our servers are located in highly secure facilities where there are various electronic devices that enable a connection to the Internet.

Management, installation of servers
The programs are largely déveveloppés by us and therefore specific Wertronic.
The advantage is a real mastery of our services.



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