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Domain name Registration

Extension (gtld)
.com / .net / .biz / .inf / .org
Booking Time : 1 year
Domain name9,90€


Domain names reserved individually are configured by default for hosting on our servers (DNS, correspondence between the canonical name and IP address, email MX record, etc..).
No configuration will be required if you order with a hosting package Wertronic only create and send your web pages on the server for uploading on the net.

You will have access via the Client login to manage your domain names.
If you're not hosted at Wertronic you yourself need to configure your domain name according to your hosting provider.

We put at your disposal 5 DNS servers. These servers are located in France, England and the United States.
See: Management DNS Servers.

Définition: Domain name

A domain name is a text expression that identifies an Internet site

Number of websites
19 000
1 000 000
10 000 000
57 000 000
74 000 000
101 000 000

What is a domain name

A domain name is used both to join your website and you send emails (mails).
A domain is your-domain tld and not www.your-domain.tld
nce you have your domain, you can create subdomains
www.your-domain.tld, toto.your-domain.tld, tryphon.your-domain.tld
Your e-mail will eg info@your-domain.tld, tintin@your-domain.tld, ...

To be accessible from any computer connected to Internet, a website must be hosted on a server (this is the role of the web hosting).
A server is a specialized computer permanently connected to the internet and identified by an IP address "Internet Protocol" of the form xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.
A website is a collection of web pages (. Html,. Php, etc..), located on a server and accessed via the Internet.
A set of web pages without domain name will not be available, nobody can find these pages and access them.

A domain name must be associated with an IP address
It is the role of the DNS serveurs "Domain Name System".

a) Two or more DNS servers must be assigned to the domain name
(1 primary and 1 secondary minimum).
Enregistrement Type: NS
Eg: ns1.wertronic.com and ns2.wertronic.com

b) Records dns zones (areas A, MX, CNAME) DNS servers

The IP address associated with the domain name must be the IP of the server that hosts all web page to put online .

If these DNS servers are not informed

The site is not accessible, the web browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, ...) Reply:. Unable to display the page or server not found.

These DNS servers (primary and secondary) must be registered in the Domain Name System servers.
That's why after you change the DNS servers for a domain name, it takes between 24H00 and 72H00 before the site is accessible from anywhere on the planet.

How is found the server that hosted a site where you enter a URL
in the address bar of your browser
(eg http://www.your-domaine.tld) .
How works the servers dns: Interactive Documentation
(Easy to understand)

Major DNS records

A record or address record: maps a hostname to an IPv4 address of 32 bits.
CNAME record or canonical name record: is a domain alias to another domain. This alias inherits all sub-domains of the original.
MX record or mail exchange record: defines the mail servers for the domain name.
NS record or name server record: efines the DNS server domain name domain.

TLDs (TLD: Top Level Domain), or domain names of the highest level

There are two types of domain name
- Generic Top Level Domain (gtld): General Purpose
- Country Code Top Level Domain (cctld): they correspond to different countries
(eg for U.S: .us)

See: Directory TLDs


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