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sarl au capital de 7500€ - siret 483 515 904 00017 - 6311Z
WERTRONIC est une marque déposée
RCS 483 515 904 Paris - N° TVA CEE: FR24483515904

Internet Services
Shared hosting and dedicated

Provider of e-commerce solutions
Development php, mysql, html, Linux

Data center
Our servers are located in highly secure facilities where there are various electronic devices that enable a connection to the Internet.

Management, installation of servers
The programs are largely déveveloppés by us and therefore specific Wertronic.
The advantage is a real mastery of our services.

E-commerce solution
Our e-commerce solution (release Wertronic) is developed from the OsCommerce open source program, it has a significant number of changes and new developments such as the auction section or the possibility of changing the entire design of your shop so Intuitive osc design incorporated into the terminal shops and requires no special computer skills.

To judge just please watch helps manage your shop where all the explanations with pictures are available. From the sale of your products to manage your orders, invoices PDF .....

The main program is shared, allowing us to avoid multiple handling when adding features, modifications, enhancements or updated scripts. On the other hand when a customer requests a feature we added all our customers enjoy!. The main program you are not available, your own business is better.
However if you want to leave us your product catalog (database and images) is available in standard format OsCommerce MS2.

Safety data included in our e-commerce packages
In addition to the security provided by data centers, backup any sensitive data is carried out every 5 minutes on a server ready for production. Details.

Services offered by our platform :

- Shared hosting and dedicated websites (html, php, mysql) and related services.
Admin panel (on the basis of AlternC program), management of subdomains, emails, FTP account, protected directories, etc..
Webmail access, access to detailed statistics Awstats, AllMyStats in real time.

- E-commerce sites - E-commerce Store - wertronic.fr
Creation of sites selling online.
- Osc-design, can easily create the design of shops selling online.
- Auctions: feasibility of selling products at auction.

- Registration, deposit of domain names with technical Management Panel (DNS A record, MX, etc.).

- Adaptation and integration of the FCKeditor Wertronic hosting packages.
FCKeditor is an online publisher of web pages to easily create or edit a website without knowledge
specific information (construction of HTML pages).
Its interface is similar to a text editor (eg Word). Once the page is saved automatically posted on the internet, no need to use FTP.

- Various documents in connection with the Activities. Espace documentation

Design, production, sales
of measuring instruments Microprocessor

Creation of the proprietorship L.M.E. Seywert "Laboratory Maintenance Electronic whose activity:
maintenance, design and implementation of electronic industrial scale.

Principaux clients

Intermarché ( References )
Maintenance, repair drives puissances. Réalisation and electronic device manufacturing on demand.

Pierre Fabre - Progipharm - Gien, Simaphac - Château-Renard - Loiret, pharmaceutical manufacturing .
Support Services internal technical solutions and maintenance to the component on the production lines and various machines.
Design, production, manufacture of electronic analog or microprocessor demand.

Reals France
Repair control boxes Hall effect and repair drives puissances.

Development of microprocessor-based system for data acquisition ComRack - Enregistreurs Réseaux - Enregistreurs embarqués
The system allows for the registration of measurements made by probes sensors at intervals of 1 second to 23 h 59 min 59 sec ,
records are stored in boxes with a microprocessor-based electronic systems mounted network. Un réseau peut se trouver sur un site distant.

Repatriation Automated data for all sites "ACTIVE"
Example: Every hour or every night from 22:00, automatically, each network site is known to repatriate and archive data on the hard drive of a PC with software ComRack.
The mounting system allows to adjust the number of measurement points as needed, thus minimizing the cost to the customer ,
the system is modular (each box network to form a module) the number of measurement points can be increased or decreased at will, from 1 point to 2032 measurement points per network.


L.M.E. SEYWERT becomes Wertronic sarl: http://www.wertronic.net - http://www.wertronic.com

Instruments de mesure
Wertronic electronic (www.instr-mesure.com)
Online sales of electronic measuring instruments.
Thermometers, hygrometers, pressure gauges, thermostats, hygrostats, switches, probes, sensors
Regulators specific accessories.


Anciennement: L.M.E. (Hervé Seywert) 45220 Triguères